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Fürstenfeldbruck is located about 25 kilometers west of the Bavarian capital Munich. Fürstenfeldbruck has about 34,000 inhabitants. In 1263 the monastery Fürstenfeld was founded. The name Fürstenfeldbruck is the juxtaposition of the names Fürstenfeld and Bruck. The name part Fürstenfeld (field of the prince) states that this corridor formerly belonged to the possession of the Wittelsbacher. Only since 1906 was the city Fürstenfeldbruck call. Are you planning a business or private trip to Fürstenfeldbruck? Then we are also your partner for the airport transfer from the airport Franz-Josef-Strauß Munich to Fürstenfeldbruck and if you wish, also back. One of our vehicles picks you up at the agreed meeting point. You have the possibility to contact us via the booking form or by phone. We look forward to driving with you to Fürstenfeldbruck.

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